Sunday, May 28, 2006

Beatin' the Drum

My friend Simone has just posted a wonderful essay for the Gemini New Moon:
"You could have 99 things going wrong in your life and one thing going right," says Abraham, "and if you would beat the drum of that one thing going right, the other 99 would either have to go away, or improve, because the Law of Attraction cannot abide in your vibration something that does not match."

According to Abraham, if you don't have something you want, it's because you aren't energetically aligned with it. Conversely, if you have something in your life you don't want, it's because you are in energetic alignment with it. Here's the formula for changing your attraction: 1st) Get clarity about what you want; 2nd) Align your energy with it, and 3rd) Commit to receiving it and it will be yours. (read the full article)

Ain't it the truth? Today, for instance, I was supposed to align my energy with an article I needed to finish. Instead, the Law of Attraction magnetized a visit from friends and a big bag of lime-flavored Tostitos, accompanied by a refreshing margarita. I'm pretty sure that's not the drum I was supposed to be beating, but now that I'm sitting at the computer, perhaps it will summon a very entertaining article.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Venus throws a hissy fit.

This afternoon, Venus in feisty Aries gave a nasty little 90-degree square, "I'm the boss of you!" hip-check to Mars in Cancer. You know, just because it could, exactly like some bratty little girl bullying a shy boy on the playground. People were feeling a bit out of sorts, I guess, and the ensuing brouhaha spilled out all over my second-house Saturn in Capricorn - a planet that, I assure you, needs no assistance in its never-ending quest to make me feel crappy about myself. Thanks very much, Venus.

Speaking of Venus, the marvelous Dana Gerhardt works her usual magic with a really splendid article about Venus in the June/July issue of the Mountain Astrologer. Get your hands on it, 'cuz it's swell. In the same issue, get the splendid Pete Watson's take on the suddenly-all-over-the-news Paul McCartney, as that gentleman prepares (on his upcoming birthday) to answer the musical question, "Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64?" Frankly, folks, it doesn't look good.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Last degree wonkiness

Was it just me, or did the past couple of days seem sort of Mercury retrograde-ish?

A series of technical difficulties too exhausting to recount here in detail (problems with my recording software, my printer in nervous collapse, errant report binding machine, etc., etc.) had me scurrying to my trusty Pocket Astrologer to figure out what was going on, and I found Mercury - along with the Sun - hovering in the last, painful degrees of Taurus. Mercury finally, mercifully, flipped over to Gemini this afternoon, 1:52 pm PDT-ish, after which the long, difficult week sailed smoothly into a weekend sunset. Against all odds, I finished the week caught up on all the work that was due today, got a kick-ass haircut, and still managed to whip up a truly awe-inspiring turkey meatloaf for dinner.

I've noticed this before, how late-degree planets can stir up a certain cosmic wonkiness just before they flip into the next sign. Tomorrow the Sun follows suit, slipping into Gemini at 9:32 pm. One wonders what daft solar hijinks will ensue tomorrow. Take notes for me, will ya? Think I'll sleep in.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bowling for Calamine

So last night I added another to the long list of physical activities at which I am hopelessly incompetent.

It seems I really, really suck at bowling.

Awhile back, our friends decided that each month we would choose some wacky new activity to enjoy together. We're a bunch of middle-aged people with failing backs and poor eyesight, so we expect a certain amount of hapless flailing to be part of the entertainment value of these experiences. Last month we went to a roller skating rink, where I actually distinguished myself by remaining upright all evening - but then, roller skating was one of the few physical activities I enjoyed as a kid. The 44-year-old flesh was weak, but the muscle memory was willing, and it all more or less came back to me. Good fun.

But man, I cannot bowl. I was sort of getting the hang of it, and even managed a strike at the top of the second game, but it all went horribly awry from there. To make matters worse, several of my friends - even my own husband! - demonstrated their natural athletic abilities by picking up on the rudiments of the game fairly quickly, steadily improving as the night progressed. Whereas I... didn't. At all.

I blame the rented shoes, which looked like a carnival geek threw up on them - sort of neon orange and green. Really awful. I was psychologically diminished by these shoes. And I developed a small rash on my thumb. Yeah, that's it - the shoes and rash. That's why I sucked.

Oh, wait - I just thought of something else to blame: astrology! Today, still demoralized by my poor showing at the alleys (a mood not improved by Jonny's tactful reassurance that "you interesting style"), I thumbed through my well-worn copy of Rex Bills' Rulership Book, which identifies physical coordination as a function of Mercury and ... Taurus. Aha! Unlike my husband, with his Taurus Moon, and my friends with their sundry Venuses and Marses and Mercuries in Taurus, I was born with Mercury in a fire sign and nothing at all in Taurus.

I suppose this explains why, although I've always been a fairly good mimic when it comes to anything mental, I simply can't watch someone do something physical and then replicate it. I have always been hopeless at dance, aerobics, volleyball, baseball, and basically any and all pursuits requiring motor skill and coordination. I can ride a bike and drive a car, and that's about it. Little did I know of my profound astrological disadvantage, the sad disconnect between my Mercury and the physical world.

But that's okay. At least I've got decent taste in shoes.

Monday, May 08, 2006

New Article: In the Belly of a Duck

Hot off the presses, well in advance of Friday night's Full Moon in Scorpio, I've posted a new article over at my website called "In the Belly of the Duck:"
At this Full Moon in Scorpio, the sign of magical, unseen forces and the power of universal support, I find myself dazzled by such a generous display of cosmic goodwill. It's illuminating to contemplate that among the Gods of mythology, Pluto/Hades - ruler of Scorpio - was known as "The Rich One." In astrology, Scorpio, Pluto, and the 8th house have come to symbolize the world's riches - "other people's money," inheritance and loans, mysterious windfalls. It makes sense to consider that what we put forward from Venus and the second house must eventually find a response from Pluto and the eighth house. And yet, it's very hard for some of us to rely upon Scorpio's cosmic trust fund, the enormous stockpile of goods, services, and enlightenment that sits waiting for us to draw checks against it....(read the full article here)

Alert readers of this blog will recognize snippets from recent entries woven into the article... busted! One of the great joys of keeping this blog has been the periodic capture of little idea nuggets as they float downstream. Some of them grow up to be Big Ideas later on; a robust few mature into full-fledged articles. Still others, of course, skulk away into well-deserved obscurity.

Anyway, the Full Moon in Scorpio is on Saturday, May 13 at 2:51 am EDT; here on the left coast, it's more like Friday, May 12 at 11:51 pm. So enjoy that, ya'll.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Yikes! and, counting my blessings.

Maybe it was that Venus/Pluto square on Sunday, but man, the woe that has befallen my friends! Since Saturday, I've heard from one friend who was injured in a car accident; another who got terrible news about a family member's health; one who lost a beloved pet over the weekend; and yet another who is on the verge of emotional collapse over a failed relationship.

My life ain't perfect, but I feel pretty lucky at the moment, I can tell you.

In fact, the past few days have been particuarly pleasant in Aprilworld. Caught up with an old student and friend from my Los Angeles days on Saturday, then had a great Thai dinner downtown with another pal. Sang with my trio at a friend's church on Sunday evening, then cut out to catch David Wilcox in concert at the church where I rent my office. God, that guy is amazing; an insightful lyricist and amazing guitarist, with a marvelous, smokey voice. I've adored his music since I first heard his song "Language of the Heart" on KTWV in Los Angeles, a lifetime ago.

Now, that's a guy with a splendid career. He travels the country in an Airstream trailer with his wife and son, playing in intimate venues before crowds of incredibly devoted fans. It's the kind of career I might have aspired to myself, years ago, before I largely gave up music. Watching Wilcox perform the other night gave me the first twinge of anything approaching regret that I've ever had about giving up that particular path. Not serious regrets - I love writing and astrology - but a twinge of melancholy, perhaps.

But it would be completely unseemly for me to feel melancholy this week, wouldn't it, with lots of fun work on my desk, a dear spouse, great cats, a cozy house, and good health. The path not taken could have been marvelous, but the one I'm on looks pretty damn good right now. Consider my blessings duly counted.